A little about me

My career and skill sets have evolved from being a technologist who developed software applications, to an entrepreneur who built and sold a successful global consulting organization. In my twenty four years of technical and operational experience, I have designed & built software applications, led dozens of engagements, and established a proven track record of building and leading engaged and motivated teams while successfully delivering strategic business value through technology solutions.

I’ve been helping emerging companies evolve from a handful of people and ad-hoc processes to mature product delivery organizations since 2002. I am passionate about technology, design, and working with smart individuals. This passion has directed my focus to engage with early stage ideas & companies in order to create & grow something that did not previously exist. Along the way, I’ve taken up photography and designing & selling t-shirts or as I like to call them b-shirts.

Like what you’ve read so far, continue scrolling down there might be a surprise waiting for you, or not. You just won’t know until you scroll down to find out.

I do three things:

Grow Companies

Create Photos

Design B-Shirts

Let’s be real, no one only does three things, but the above is where I spend most of my time when I’m not reading or spending time with my family & friends.

Grower of companies

I am a cross-functional product delivery professional that helps emerging companies grow from a handful of people and ad-hoc processes to mature delivery organizations.

Since 2009, I’ve focused my energies on sharing the knowledge I’ve gained building a successful global consulting firm with other entrepreneurs. A great way to learn is from your failures. A better way is to learn from someone else’s. Hopefully you can learn from mine. 

Creator of photos

Turning a hobby & passion into profit. I use photography to look at the world from a different perspective. The slightest change of angle can dramatically change your perspective of what you are looking at. Continually working on building on my visual voice.


Designer of B-shirts

What started off as a creative outlet has blossomed into a fun little side business. We design quirky t-shirts or as we like to call them B-shirts focused around our mascot/logo Bee b.